IF not for fashion, humans would likely be seen around today dressed in animal skin and moving about their businesses bare footed like the cave men

Fashion can be clearly defined as the manner, way, or style of dressing. A form of clothing or accessories being used by everyone. It could also be said to represent the channel through which people express their social status, personality and individuality and generally an important part of our society and culture.

Charles Frederick Worth was the English man, who could be regarded as the god father of fashion. He opened a fashion store in Paris France in the year 1858 and was regarded in the fashion world as a prestigious and innovative designer who opened the fashion flood gate and dominated the Pasian fashion for many years. He exposed and opened the eyes of most European royalty to fashion.


Paris, the fashion hub of the world with its outstanding fashion reputation has created a whole list of fashion icons, extraordinary designers like Dior, Chanel, Saint Lauren, Luis Vuitton and a host of others who have completely influenced the world over with their irressistible designs.

 Celebrities worldwide have been known to greatly influence the fashion trends. They have the means and resources to acquire the latest designs or work hand in hand with most the most of these designers to endorse their products, to model for them or to create their own clothing lines and brands entirely. In so many ways, celebrities have major influence in the realm of fashion be it what to wear to the red carpet event, the stylish nature of it all or  the direction of a trend. They are at the center of it all while the rest of the world follow their every step restlessly all the way through social media. Indeed it makes you wonder where fashion will be today without the celebrities. They have completely turned the fashion world into a money making venture...

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