Smart Watch 4G Face ID 1.6 inch Full Screen OS Android

What Is A Smart Watch And Who Invented It

      A smart watch is a gadget which is also equipped with many features other than time keeping. Some of the features include keeping a check on your heart rate, as well serves as your fitness tracker It helps with social media notifications and reminder all through your daily routine. Their touch screen feature enables you perform numerous tasks by just tapping or swiping the screen as the case may be. Invented by Steve Mann in 1998, smart watch has sparked off a very important trend in the fashion industry today as the an essential accessory to watch out for.

Importance Of Smart Watches

         It doesn’t matter where you are going,  business meetings, weddings, family functions, smart watches are not just a time-keeping piece any more. A smarth watch is seriously considered a treasured fashion attachment for both genders. It gives you a nice and distinguished appearance.

Advantages Of Wearing Smart Watches


  • Smart watches give  you a professional and elegant individual look at the workplace.
  • Wearing a smart watch adds elegance and grace to your appearance
  • It is a ''must" fashion collection that adds style to your personality and many people are hardly seen without it.

 Market Value And Trend In The World

              Smart watch has become a big player in the scheme of things, and 

valued globally at $20.54 billion last year and with a massive projection in years to come. This exponential increase in growth rate is due to increasing awareness on the ever increasing potentials in owning a smart watch, hence its  numerous advantages.                                                                           

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